Monday, July 14, 2008

bobbing for hairdos and other things.

my co-worker cut her hair over the weekend and she looks adorable in a bob.
i've always wanted one but i didn't know it would look THAT great!
so after my hair's grown a few more inches, i will have to take my pick from some of the following.
maybe more like cristina ricci's sans les bangs.
or an asymmetrical bob.
whatev. but i can't wait to be able to put it up in a little ponytail.

and ooohhhh...i think we may have found a photographer for TRENDS!
paola denegri's pictures are absolutely beautiful and artistic.
check them out :)

i want to get this!

it's a ruffler foot for the sewing machine. it can make even ruffles or pleats while sewing it onto your fabric simultaneously.
a bit pricey though...they're selling it for $49.99 online. i'll have to check out the neighborhood sewing machine store tonight to see if they have some.

we will be moving this week! i'll post up photos of the new house soon :) lots of packing, painting and steam vaccing to do.
my grandmother and aunt are coming next week!
johnny in a few weeks...16 days and counting.
and a starbucks run tonight avec A after piano. :D

it's going to be a really busy july but i like them that way.


Anonymous said...

that is one mean looking foot

Anonymous said...

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