Friday, July 4, 2008

"someday this job will [insert swear word here-ing] kill you"

and i quote my co-worker.

why does my nose look big? (uhhhh because it is...)

avec Rizie...she has the coolest clothes and shoes.

a pair of oxfords (not mine), an fcuk top (not mine), old navy & h&m shirts, and a huge plate of banana crepes swimming in maple syrup AND cream AND ice cream later...

it was a lovely impromptu night out with the girlies.

i am currently obsessed with...
- veggie sandwiches from quiznos sans tomates
- clinique happy
- james mcavoy. it's amazing how he can go from this:

to this:

(mr. tumnus, is that you?)

- patterned paper and fabrics
- rubber stamps

i cannot stand...
- guys who scratch their faces and necks in public
- people who chew their gum like cows
- this awful canadian weather. we're still wearing sweaters in july. ack.
- small talk that goes on in elevators : "how's the weather out there?" "is it friday yet?" (when clearly it isn't because it's only monday PEOPLE) "is it 5 pm yet?"

i cannot wait for...
- sushi tonight with the other girlies
- family togetherness tomorrow
- to see Hancock & Batman hehe.
- to get my license...i still need to master the art of reverse parking and three point turns, but other than that, i'm pretty good :D my instructor wants me to take my test on july 20th.
- to learn how to make an A-line skirt
- for john to arrive! 26 more days and counting
- la pique nique avec les filles
- and new york hopefully hopefully avec les filles

i am dying here at work.
i am bored out of my mind. and sleepy. and cranky.

ps. i fear the days of's pretty cool out there but my co-worker is roasting her rump off, as she says. yikes.


Anonymous said...

i see that we have the same tastes in guys.hahaha


Anonymous said...

*taste in guys

can't wait to see you babe!