Monday, July 28, 2008

hello. my name is melissa and i don't have enough time.
i would like more time please.
my to-do list is growing and so are my bookmarks of things i would like to make for myself and for people.
i have to make 4 accessories pouches and clothes for angeli's stuffed bear for her birthday.
and birthday cards.
i have an unfinished dress. the pieces are under my bed, in an ikea bin, not sewn.
i have a bunch of thrifted clothes that need to be altered and taken in.
plus there's piano practice. and the TRENDS website. and driving lessons.
i've never felt this pressed for time.

but anyhoo.
more downtown photos.

i call this set...disintegration.

and that isallisallisall.

my stomach sucks.
it hurts after ice cream.
mickey d's chicken wrap is pretty good.
i accidentally ate a tomato today. blargh.
went a-thrifting with angela again today and scored some vintage goodies.
speaking of vintage goodies.

look what is being bid on on ebay:

(photo from ebay).

a pair of levi's jeans from the 1890s, from the mojave desert in california. in "great" condition because of the candlewax the wearer worked with. These jeans were found in an old paper bag with the name of a mercantile store which operated between 1895 and 1898 in the town of Randsburg.

these jeans have 30 started with $9.99.
now it's going for a whopping $8,101.00
all this leads to two questions...
1. what were those pants doing in an old paper bag?
2. what the hell are they going to do with those jeans?
find out more about this ebay auction.
just make sure you don't accidentally bid...or else there goes your tuition fee.

2 more sleeps :)


Anonymous said...

babe i want a pair of jeans for my birthday!hahahaha

Aileen said...

Another questions, m'dear.

How'd you stumble upon this ebay bid?

Aileen said...

P.S., Your pictures make me feel like eating... :P