Tuesday, July 8, 2008


hello, my name is melissa and i live for blogs.
i bike in yoga pants, striped shirts and yellow flats.
i have bran flakes with banana and skimmed milk every morning.
i must have my coffee between 8:30 - 9:30 or else i get a headache.
i gain weight when i pms and my feet get swollen.
i am dying to live in france.
i love being around people and being by myself.
i am a quasi cat lady without the cats while still being capable of maintaining some sort of social balance.
i don't know when to stop eating.
or start eating for that matter.
i can finish a box of ice cream.
and a bag of fritos hoops.
i hate being the center of attention and try to enter and exit as quiet as possible.
i am taking my g2 test soon. finally. on the 24th.
i like driving on the highway. i can change lanes smoothly.
i can also parallel park, but it took me a while to do hand over hand, which is the simplest thing in the world.
i am sleepy but i still have to finish my laundry.
i do my laundry when there's not a lot of underwear left. which means...i have a lot of underwear and a lot of clothes. sigh. my laundry bag is bursting at the seams.
i really need to start doing my laundry regularly.
i should also start packing my lunches.
today i only had a cheese sandwich because that's all i felt like making.
i hate bringing tupperware to work.
and i hate washing it even more.
and that is all is all is all.


Aileen said...

i should have visited your blog earlier, funny girl...

It would have given me much comfort.. It does comfort me knowing that you're off in your world, building your own jokes, making more journal covers, etc.

:D :D
You are really beautiful, my dear.

Have a goood day.

smelly melly said...

aw my A. i can't wait for you to come home!!!