Tuesday, July 15, 2008

day 2 of packing

i actually got some packing done today. i'm feeling quite wired after that large coffee i had with A.

looks forlorn without anything.

we've taken the canopy and the curtains and the curtain rod down.

my bag of bags...i'm thinking i should do a garage sale, because this is not all. these are bags that i use at least once a week...i have more that i don't even use. i am now seeing where a lot of my money has been going to for the past few years. sigh.

the closet is definitely going to be a task.
i'm going to just keep my clothes in hangers but the annoying thing is that they just keep sliding off their hangers and the closet floor is a big mess now. i can't wait for the two-door closet. it's probably just as big, but now i don't have to stick my hand in and pray that i get the right pair of pants.

i downloaded a dress pattern today and spent $3.00 on fabric. hehe. hopefully by wednesday i'll have the dress done as i am running out of work clothes.

teehee...i bought both sew u books online for cheap and free shipping. they're normally $30 in stores!

yarsyars i'm going to take that shower now.

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Anonymous said...

hey! how did you do that to the pics?
they got that vintage Polaroid look to it. nice!!