Thursday, July 17, 2008

music and passion were always in fashion at the copa

i am so fricking tired.
i went to class today and was sort of in a trance for the entire thing. i wouldn't be surprised if i've forgotten how to sew in an invisible zipper.

so i made a dress last night to wear to work (yars, yars, i washed and shrunk the fabric) today. and not bad at all. :)

two things: never sew on the actual bias tape. and don't take fashion advice from those who think fishnet jerseys are sexy at a pride parade.

and...they've arrived! my babies have arrived. hehe. i love amazon

we went to the new house today. we finally got the keys! i'm so excited for the new room...i have big plans for it. i want a taller table so that i don't have to bend when i cut out and measure patterns.

tomorrow i have to stay at home to pack.
still no progress. sigh.


Anonymous said...

you look so chic in that one of a kind dress.

angela said...

dear potato sack,
you are so obviously hand sewn and simplistic. please add some spandex to your being, perhaps a lurid floral pattern and a plunging neckline. i will write you a longer letter later, after i rendez vous with a pair of fishnet tights.

constructively yours,
sausage casing

angela said...

dear sausage casing,
get a gym membership and a subscription to any fashion magazine -stat.

potato sack