Thursday, July 10, 2008

i've got fries in my mind.

oh man. here it goes. the monthly craving has begun.
i want fries.
and not just any kind of fries.
wendy's fries.

so yesterday was the first session for the a-line skirt class.
it was fun...but measuring and tracing and cutting out patterns and making sure that the fabric is all straight is sooooo tiresome.
it's my least favorite part.
i either make something to small or too big.
i'm going to make it high-waisted and shorter than the original pattern. we will also be drafting out a pattern for a waistband for it.

so karyn accidentally doublebooked the workoom...two classes happened in one night. so in return she made the yummiest ice cream sandwiches (home made strawberry ice cream! it was yum-o, i tell you) and gave $25 off for the next class.

tonight i'm staying home. and i can't wait. i feel like crap. there's a bug going around and i think it's my turn.
i'm trying to make my own shirt...BAH. so last night i cut it out and it was...too short. i forgot to take into consideration the seam allowance. goshdammit. when will i get my measurements right?
but no matter. i've decided to line it with gathers or ruffles. if not i'll just sew on another a little band. hopefully it turns out well so that i have something to wear to work tomorrow. hehe.

my co-worker's back and she's complaining again. augh.
i complain because she complains. let the madness stop. please.

yes...i'm still thinking about fries.

yay A's coming back from her two week vakay in lovely montreal! snaps for A!
and 20 more days and coming until the return of johnnyjohnny. woohoo :)


no one wants to share fries with me. ack.

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