Tuesday, February 19, 2008

une jumelle japonaise/francaise!

muahaha. i found a twin...she's asian and she lives in...argh. paris. argh. she doesn't know that i exist. her hair is as short as mine!
so which one's me? yeah. i'm gay.

except awesome japanese/french girls don't have laundry baskets lurking in the background...that is such a give away.
teehee. i'll be back to normal tomorrow, promise.


Anonymous said...

haha mel ur funny.
stalking other asians out there. haha

smelly melly said...

jewlz is that you?!?!?! click the name/url part so i know who i'm replying to hahaha. :)

and more like stalking french people. the "bloggeuses" lead really interesting and romantic lives. not romantic in a lovey dovey sense, but in a sort of jane-austen-writing-letters-with-an-ink-pen and amelie kind of way.