Thursday, February 14, 2008

i heart martha stewart.

i want to be martha stewart.
so i decided to make white chocolate brownies for my co-workers. i individually wrapped them with parchment paper and printed out little labels with an ingredients list. and because i'm such a brown noser i'm giving my boss three brownies in a cute chinese takeout box.
i tried making little envelopes out of doilies but they didn't really work out so i just made hearts out of them and sealed the flaps of the parchment with little stickers (25% at carlton's :) )

white chocolate brownies with walnuts.

all 19 of them for work.

suckity-sucks. no fine-tipped marker.
martha stewart would never be this unprepared!

i also made garlic pasta for tomorrow's v-day potluck. i wanted to do feta puffs, but this one is simpler to do.
garlic, olive oil, parsley, bacon & parmesan cheese.


bee said...

could i have the recipe for the garlic pasta? :) looks yummy

smelly melly said...

- spaghettini
- bacon (or real bacon bits if pressed for time
- fresh parsley
- grated parmesan cheese
- garlic
- olive oil (enough to cover pan)
cut up bacon and fry until nice and crispy. finely chop garlic. heat up olive oil. fry garlic until it's golden brown. season with salt and garlic powder for extra flavor. put parsley in, but do not cook for long to keep color. add in bacon.
cook pasta until al dente (i don't like it when it's too cooked). keep some of the pasta water (assuming that you put put olive oil and salt in the water). incorporate mixture into pasta slowly, alternating with the cheese. if it's too dry, use some of the pasta water. season to taste. top it with more sprinkling of cheese and fresh parsley. this is good as a side dish for dinner. or lunch. you'll just have to be careful with how much salt and cheese you put because it might get too salty.