Saturday, February 16, 2008

pre-workshop tasting.

weeeeeee. so next sunday i have another project. i'm preparing a brunch for the twenty101 workshop that raiya and i are organizing. i tried two of the items in the menu today to see how it will turn out and tested it on my family. i must say that they turned out pretty well :) i made bacon-wrapped eggs and breakfast sausages in a blanket (aka tracy brother wants me to name them after the hairspray heroine), and potatoes (which i just boiled, sliced up and broiled in the oven. i seasoned it with olive oil and lots of garlic).

things i learned:

  • set cooking time for bacon-wrapped eggs at a lower temperature and not to cook them for so long. runny eggs are so much better. they're also waaay better when served warm.
  • for the workshop, i will definitely prep everything and stick them all in the oven 20 minutes before guests are expected to arrive.
  • i shouldn't boil potatoes for such a long time
  • never stick pillsbury crescent rolls and biscuits in the freezer. but i didn't do that. my dad did.

ps: excuse the crappy photos. my 4.0 pixel camera suckity sucks.

can you tell?i really like the two-tiered serving stand. heehee. it saves a lot of space. there's actually a third level for this one.

the original recipe can be found here, courtesy of mark (thank you thank you!). i used pillsbury biscuits instead. next time when i have it, i will add goat cheese and a bit of parsley or chives for some green.
teehee my concoction. haha. jk. since there's hotdogs/sausages in a blanket, why can't we have breakfast sausages too? i think this would be perfect for breakfast on the go. no mess. :)


Anonymous said...

wow! that looks so yummy!!!!

smelly melly said...

john, you're such an ass-wang. :) huggies.

Manggy said...

That all looks very nice, Melissa :) I'm glad you enjoyed them. Hope you don't stress yourself out too much.
Am hoping you would have gone for the salad too, though, heh heh :)