Monday, February 4, 2008

oh yes it was spicy.

spice girls was awesome, and i must say that mel b. was the hottest, followed by posh, who was however really stiff everytime she sang. i've been to a number of concerts, and this is by far the best concert i've been to ever.
it was nice to see boys at the concert who knew every song.
and it was even nicer when a girl behind us gave me four batteries for my camera. it's a good thing too because my batteries ran out even before the concert started.
my camera sucks by the way. we weren't that far. the camera just gives you that illusion.

pre-pre-concert dinner

gak. $30 shirt. this won't be put to waste though. i'm wearing it for casual tomorrow at work. snicker snicker.

light sabers. haha. angela says they look like something else. really silly pics. we had to wait for an hour and a half before the show started.

pre-concert dinner. it was the best gravy. to those who will be watching the concert, this is cheaper than their bags of popcorn. so don't be lazy and get up and buy fries instead.

slow filling up!

more pics (and videos!) to come. i'm just feeling really lazy right now.
i shoveled snow and now i'm sore all over.

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angela said...

yo guy, where's my thing-a-ling shot? harhar.
e-mail me the photos s'il vous plait.