Saturday, February 23, 2008

oh what a beeyootiful day!

it's -3 degrees but ohmy it's sooooooo beautiful outside. it's sunny and you can go without a coat. it feels like spring, but only because we've been having for the past few weeks -20 weather. tomorrow's even better: a high of 1 degree :)
just got back from catechism class/lunch. we ended up not teaching because the hall got booked and there was some indonesian karaoke thing going on while father mario was upstairs talking to the grade eights and their parents. so us teachers ended up promenading at promenade mall.
i ended up with three things from h&m which i am very happy about: a floaty, oversized white top, a thick grey/blue belt with a gold buckle and a gold necklace. all in all i spent less than $50.
afterwards, nat, rai and i drove to congee wong and indulged in greasy but yummy chinese food. now my stomach feels like crap.
but today was good and random. i thought random things can only happen on a weekday, but they can happen on weekends
i wanted to share just because i'm so pleased with them - $9.99 from $50. :)

i thought it was time to get grown up gloves. they're warmer and you can dial on your cell without pressing the wrong number and you can take out your ttc tokens with them. :D

ps. it's the eve of the much anticipated workshop. i am so nervous and excited at the same time. last night i was at party packagers (i can spend a hundred there, just like i can spend a hundred at shoppers) and bought napkins, plates and cutlery but stupidly forgot the cups. argh. and i can't buy styrofoam cups. they're just not really appealing.
pps: today totally makes up for the crappyass day i was having yesterday.

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