Saturday, February 9, 2008


augh. cnn is on 24-7 at home. haven 't been able to watch a bit of food network. my parents are so interested in american politics. ack.
voila, mes filles, the pho-toes from yesterday. one hour with you girls is not enough at all. :(
please note that these pictures were taken by an old filipino waitress at richtree that had extremely shaky hands. she was really cute though and had to know what our nationalities were. haha.

yeah, im trying not to laugh at her hands.
this is a way better one!
yay! twins! my cookie partner! :)

today was an awesome catechism class. i heart my students.

RIP: the polaroid camera. :( polaroid announced today that it will no longer be making its signature camera and film.

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Anonymous said...

I'm french , i'm 15 , and i'm usually reading your blog. great Job ! <3