Sunday, February 17, 2008

banana fana

i was quite productive today and now i'm struggling to stay that way. i still have two plays to read (not as boring as before. i prefer racine to corneille, but i'd rather not read them at all) and a film analysis to write. all before tuesday. augh. kill me.
i saw the last picture show for my film class and it was so depressing. i know that a movie has affected me when i bawl my eyes out and can't stop even way after the credits are done. but with this one, even though there were no tears involved, it left me with this sad and empty feeling.
anyhoo, so far today i've attended my inclass driving course (augh, from 10am t 2pm), did pilates and yoga and baked some...banana bread. hence the blog title. hehe.
it is proven that a few minutes in daylight can help prevent depression. baking or cooking or doing something really domestic (yes, even cleaning) can do the same for me.
so here are some banana muffins i made today, with two variations. i used a different recipe and i didn't like it at all. i find it too dry. i'm sticking to next time. their recipe gave me a better and more moist bread.

this was from before. i topped it with bananas too.
and while it was still warm i topped it with vanilla ice cream. it's not just brownies that can get this kind of treatment! hehe. you can probably even use something caramel-y in flavor.

these are the ones i made today: banana muffin topped with white chocolate chips and banana muffins with nutella inside and on top.
i love nutella! i used it instead of icing. just take a big glop and slather it on top. it works like ready made duncan hines/betty crocker icing.
this was taken in was a creperie place just beside the vatican museum. look at that lovely display of nutella (well you'd be able to see it better if my camera wasn't crap. argh. or if i had zoomed it. argh.). the italians (and i) love their nutella.
for a sweet fix, just take vanilla ice cream and a dollop of nutella and swirl them around. it's much better than chocolate ice cream.

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