Monday, February 25, 2008

meat schmeat

i'm going to try to be vegetarian.
no i'm not doing it because of lent.
i'm doing it because of the feeling i get after eating meat.
i'll give myself a week.
and then two weeks.
and so on and on and on.
this will give me the opportunity to eat more vegetables and eat less fried foods.
i'll still allow myself fish though. as long as it's in sushi and not something filipino and fried like tilapia or bangus. or the one swimming in oil in a jar. ohbutyum. that was the best. and cornbeef. oh yum.

strike that. i am NOT allowing myself fish. apparently hardcore vegetarians hate it when people classify themselves as vegetarians but eat fish anyway. so for less than a week i will be living on bread alone (haha very biblical of me) and on vegetables and fruits and tofu.
i should also cut down on my cookie and chocolate cravings. sonofa. it's really bad this year. i go out of my way to buy chocolat now. augh. so today's triple chocolate chip cookie and 5 little bars of cadbury bars are the last.

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