Thursday, February 21, 2008

because i don't want to wallow in self-pity

my brain is 63 years old in brain age.
according to brain age 2 i'm 80 fricking years old.
it's my j-o-b that's slowing down my brain. so slow that i can't even think deeply anymore. i'm forgetting words in french AND in english. my french grammar is deteriorating. and plus i can't enjoy the things my other friends are enjoying, i.e, sleeping in on a monday morning or staying at a library for the entire day and just do homework, or randomly meet up with friends.
but i'm not complaining. i can't hate it. because it brings in the money. there is france to look forward to.
so to keep myself from hating it (and strangling myself), i've revamped my cubicle by indulging in chic office trays and organizers and pen holders and by adding a touch of plant life (daisies). bah. and most of all...i jump at the chance to participate in little office get-togethers and to bake things for them.
so this week's project is my co-worker's baby shower. she's getting a girl :) eeeeeeeek. so exciting.

these are mocha almond squares. because the shower's color theme is pink, i tinted the glaze to make it pink. of course you'd see it had my camera captured it.
my mother loves them :) my brother thinks they taste like white chocolate brownies. which is ridiculous because they don't have white chocolate at all.
chain dolls :) that i dressed up with some scraps of gift wrapping paper.
i call them my little suzies.

voila, c'est tout. now i have to do homework. bah.
PS: isn't he adorable?
it's dark but you can still see his cuteness. teehee.

he's loving his new ikea bed. hehehe.

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jools said...

omg he's getting so bigg. but he' still so cute. hahaha.