Sunday, May 31, 2009

piano men

sing me a song you're the piano man
sing me a song toniiiiiiiiight

rockin' elton-ish shades. :) harhar. i wanted white ones but didn't have time to get them.

that was by far one of the best, and most emotional concerts i have ever been to (it tops spice girls. hardeehar).

i thought i was going to have to experience this concert on my own, as my parents had to sit somewhere else (i gave my ticket to my mom so she could go with my dad and bought a separate ticket for myself). but i met two nice couples and i was their adopted daughter for the night. :) (they were also surprised that i knew the lyrics to almost every billy joel/elton john song)

AND we got moved to the floor seats. sigh.

they started with "your song" and ended with "piano man". and when sir elton started singing "good bye yellow brick road" i wanted to cry and die and go to heaven. this is the song that made me love elton in the first place. and arrrrgghhhh "bennie and the jetsssss" was killer. i was dancing the whole night.

the two have mad piano skills and they are amazing together.
love always.

ps: i didn't bring my camera. these were all taken with jarvis. i didn't want to risk getting my camera confiscated. but blargh i should've brought it anyway because everyone else was doing it!

pps: i just wanted to say hello to everyone who's visiting this little blog for the first time! nice to meet you :) once i've slowed down i will catch up with blogs and comments, je promets.

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John M said...

you look great! I'm so happy you had a great time at the Elton John concert.