Tuesday, May 12, 2009

another long day. which means another long post.

i need to rest and do some real parisien living. as in, read this french play i bought and just sip coffee the whole afternoon and not do any walking.
i am this tempted to skip the louvre and musée d'orsay. but i do want to see the mona lisa and whistler's mother. sigh, whattodowhattodo.

today i noticed:
- people really take their time in the morning. a lot of the stores do not open till 11. yowza. very chanceux.
- the parisiennes wear boots in the rain. today's weather would have been open toed or flats weather in toronto.
- the young parisiens (16+ to late 30s) have picnics at night by the Seine or the pont des arts (the bridge that leads to the louvre). and they have it with wine. so nice.
- some people also have their dinners (which consist of baguette and cheese and of course wine) by a bridge, standing up. again, it was really nice.

today i went to:
- merci
- montmartre
- sacré coeur
- les deux moulins
- père lachaise cemetery
- basilique saint denis

merci is a concept store. it is sooooo expensive but i was thisclose to buying this beautiful vanessa bruno blouse but they didn't have one in my size. :(

it was quite a climb to sacré coeur, but not as bad as i thought. this is in montmartre, the land of amélie!

montmartre has the loveliest homes.

café des deux moulins!!! it looks different from the movie. i think nino quincompoix (amélie's soulmate) sat where i sat. except there's no glass for the menu. everything is on a chalkboard. and they've really amélified the place, as you can tell.

now for the basilique saint-denis, where marie antoinette and louis xvi are buried (i couldn't leave france without paying a visit to one of my most favorite characters, marie-antoinette).
(middle, left- marie antoinette, beside her, louis xvi)

at pere lachaise cemetery

we found oscar wilde's tomb...where i...

...planted a kiss just like the others!

all i wanted really was to see oscar wilde's and moliere's tombs. unfortunately we couldn't find moliere. very sad as he is one of my favorite french playwrights.

i also did the night tour around paris with fat tire bike tours. it was awesome! pictures from that little tour will be on a separate post because i think this is way too long now! :)

today i ate:
- banana and nutella
- sushi (bah, it was awful. i missed the japanese restaurants in toronto! but then again, you don't come all the way from canada to eat sushi in france. i just needed a little change, is all)
- creme brulee
- coffee
- chicken gyro and fries

tomorrow is museum day. or not. thursday is versailles. friday is the french revolution walk. saturday is giverny.

aaaahhh. harhar.

have a great week, everyone!