Wednesday, May 27, 2009

hello :)

in point form:
- i am home!
- i've been home since last monday. harhar.
- i finished my box of laduree macarons. sob.
- they were a bit crunchy. but that's what you get for waiting till the last minute.
- i think may is my month because i can cross off a lot of things in my "to do list" which includes: paris, public speaking and seeing elton john this saturday!
- i gave a 15 minute speech to 150 people and it was warmly received. :)
- can i tell you how nervous and scared i was?!?!
- but it was not so bad once i started speaking. it's really in the beginning. just like the scariest part of your rollercoaster ride is just before you drop. hmmm...kinda like love. haha.
- i think i will make it a point to go to wonderland this year. i haven't gone in ages.
- can i tell you how much i love taylor swift?
- there i said it.
- i think writing when you are partially (and just partially) inebriated makes for good reading
- no, i'm not partially inebriated right now. i don't drunk-blog.
- or drunk-anything for that matter.
- "la timidité est mon ennemi" - that is my french teacher's motto in our french conversation class
- oooohhh, i will scan the paris polaroids soon. :)
- paris, i miss you.
- but toronto i still love you.
- friends, let's go out.
- how are you all?


jewlz said...

glad to see you finally made your dreams come true and was able to make that long awaited trip to paris! beautiful pictures you've got there :)
and very cute coin purse to remember the whole trip :)
miss ya.
take care!

Mon Petit Lapin said...

Melissa! I have loved reading your adventures of Paris through your blog, it really sounds like you had the most wonderful time and now I am desperately wanting to spend a week there in a pension at Montmarte! Cant wait to see the polaroids, super cute purse btw!

leni said...

i just discovered your blog and LOVE it!

megan and melissa said...

Paris sounded wonderful, but I'm glad that home still has it's pull :) Your week sounded exciting and I am sure the presentation went great. Have a good day!
P.S. We nominated your lovely blog for an award. Check it out on mine. Thanks for all the friendship and inspiration!

Federica said...

This blog is so pretty!
Many beautiful pictures!
Smiles from Italy,