Saturday, May 2, 2009

hiro, jarvis & japanese dress books class

the more i use apple, the more i feel that everything apple is the way to go. which my colleague calls being "apple-fied".
meet hiro.
(hiro from heroes)
{how do you do?}

i love it. i am no longer going back to pc.

meet jarvis.
(jarvis from iron man)
{how do you do?}

i love it. or him. it takes getting used to, but i like how i don't have to wait until i get home to check my emails and my calendar. plus i needed a new ipod. i needed more space. he looks scratched and dusty but it's the case. harhar.

this spring/summer i have two classes to take that i am really excited about!
1. conversational french at the alliance francaise.
2. AND. the japanese dress books class at the workroom! karyn, who has made tops/dresses from these pattern books, has finally created this very much requested class.

see, i bought the book a long time ago but when i opened to check out the pattern i wanted to faint. harhar. all these lines. all these japanese characters. i tried to decipher it but couldn't. i tried to follow tutorials online, which may work for intermediate and advanced sewers. but for beginners and lazy sewers like me, having someone there to show you what to do is what i need.

i had my eye on these dresses and tunics for the longest time:

and just recently i found the prettiest fabric (similar to this h&m top that i bought and love) that i thought would look really nice as one of these dresses.

then i find out that karyn is offering this class. and so i signed up right away.
it is almost full, so if you're interested, make sure you sign up soon!

sigh. everything just came together.

now if other things just came together and made sense. sigh.


Q's Daydream said...

I love my Apple!!! Such lovely fabric ;o)

Antoinette said...

Fabulous, all of it! I agree: once you go Mac, you never go back. ;) Mildly jealous of your Japanese pattern book class... I have a ton I've not made much from and would love some motivation to learn how to trace, add seam allowances, etc. in a face-to face environment.

Mon Petit Lapin said...

Thats where I did my French class!! Alliance Francaise! Its brilliant, I was the only person in the group who spoke English so you HAD to speak French and all explanations were in French etc, you learn so quick, you're going to have such a great time, when do you leave? I really have to write you that email but I left my notebook full of Parisian treats in my hospital digs, as soon as I get back I will write!x

Di said...

I love my Apple too - but I love Paris even more!! I used to have friends who lived there so visited often but now they are in Milan. I was last in Paris in November - if you look at my blog there are a few hints of places to go and eat. Marais is my favourite area of Paris and a great place to wander! I am sure you will have a great time!

megan and melissa said...

That class sounds amazing! I have yet to make anything from the Japanese pattern books, but the pictures always make me dream of beautiful clothes. Good luck!