Saturday, May 9, 2009

"je suis canadienne"

today i learned:
- saying bonjour cheerfully when being served at a store or when entering a petite boulangerie or cafe is very important.
- i don't think the french are snobby at all.
- i love the metro! they leave the windows open so you've got air coming in (not sure if it's clean air though, but ca ne me derange pas) and there's signal for cell phones!
- the parisiens speak very quietly on the train.
- essayage - fitting
- i can pass for chinese and japanese. (the latter pleases me a lot considering i've always wanted to be half french and half japanese). hence the title. and this surprises them because my french is really good, so they say, and then they proceed to ask me if i'm from quebec. no, unfortunately not.
- people get tickled pink when they see me whip out my polaroid.
- little french girls and boys are so nicely dressed.
- medical tape is better than bandaids. use them if you are going to be doing a lot of walking. it requires less changing and it protects better.

today i went to see:
- the eiffel tower
- trocadero square
- champs elysees
- l'arc de triomphe
- rue cler
- notre dame (for sunday mass)

today i bought:
- two dresses and a pair of shoes from nafnaf
- a pair of silky balloony girly shorts from zara (i've always wanted them but toronto had no sizes!)

today i ate:
- banana and nutella for breakfast
- banana and nutella crepe at rue cler (good place for buying fruits and fresh produce)
- grilled baguette slices with goat cheese
- coffee with hot milk (it is so goood)
- pizza from one of the many pizzerias close to the apartment

demain, we are off to normandy, st. malo, dinan & mont st michel. my dad is driving.
teehee. wish us luck!
have a great weekend, everyone!


John M said...

i like the pictures of the chairs. hope you have a great road trip!

Antoinette said...

Banana and nutella crepes taste better in Europe than anywhere! You look so chic! Keep these lovely pics coming for those of us with no plans to visit Paris this year! :)

Q's Daydream said...

Oh darling...I wish I was there sharing in all the excitement with you! Keep enjoying :o)

copperseal said...

how exciting - enjoy your travels!