Tuesday, May 5, 2009

-i got my box of polaroid film in the mail, finally.
-i'm not done packing. my dad is. haha.
-it was a busy day at work. i am trying to get everything done before i leave.
-i finally went to anthropologie. it was quite a trek. but worth it. i got two trousers for cheap. the area was just like the grove in l.a.
-i got some canadian money converted to euros. and some travelers cheques.
- i am so excited. i plan to watch bolt on the plane (harhar. i'm THAT excited. i've already looked up the in-flight entertainment).

i hope you guys had a good spring day today! :)

PS: i need HELP. i don't know what to pack. i've packed for summer weather and it looks as if it's going to be quite rainy. and the girls in my favorite french blogs are wearing boots still...am i going to have to pack for two extremes?


Q's Daydream said...

If I was you I would pack lots of dresses, a couple sweaters, 1 pair of boots to go with everything and 1 pair of tights too! lol...I hope that helped! don't forget sandals and those trousers... :o)

John M said...

have a great trip!

Leanna said...


have a wonderful trip.
if i were you, i'd pack (for sure):
1 rain coat/ light wind breaker
1 heavier jacket (for evening strolls)
sweaters/ pashminas
1 pair of boots (these will go with everything for any occasion)
1 fancy shoes
1 pair of comfy shoes (if you plan to traverse all of paris in one day!)

i'd also recommend a baggie (travel size tooth brush, eye cream, blush etc) so that you look bright and fresh for getting through french customs!

love ya!

Nico and Brigitta's Vintage said...

ahhhhh! I am so jealous of you.
Take tons of photos and have an amazing trip!