Saturday, May 16, 2009

another post of pictures: giverny!


i fell in love with paris yesterday.
it took a while, but it feels more real now.
i will really miss it, but i will definitely come back. hopefully before the end of the year.

today we did our last bike tour with fat tire. we went to giverny/monet's gardens.
it was awesome.

here are some pictures from the tour.

at a marketplace at vernon, where we bought food for the picnic:

at the picnic:

this is, by far, the YUMMIEST quiche lorraine i have ever, ever had!

cannot forget about dessert! sadly, no lavander!

my little pretties, all in a row. i was good today and only bought 6. :)

en pistache.

en vanille.

the little macaron that was NOT spared.

abby's yummy looking tarte aux framboises.

our view. i believe there used to be a bridge there.

off to giverny and monet's house!

our california cruisers ;)

my first picture with my dad! :)

la maison de monet

sigh. we started packing last night. i am feeling the sadness already.
paris me manque.


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Mr P. is looking good!hahaha awesome pictures once again!