Sunday, May 17, 2009

au revoir, paris

a very rough summary of my paris trip:
60+ hours of walks around the city
30 metro tickets
20+ macarons
15 cafe cremes
10 boxes of laduree macarons
9 hours on the l'autoroute
7 churches
8 total orders of french fries
5 pairs of shoes
5 quiches
3 bike tours
3 cemeteries
3 gardens
3 dresses
3 museums
3 bowls of soupe a l'oignon
2 beaches
2 coats
1 eiffel tower
1 arc de triomphe
1 conciergerie
1 french revolution tour
1 blouse
1 baguette
1 bateau mouche

one very happy mel.

my dad and i took our last walk around the city.

as we did, i felt a lump in my throat and started tearing up.
yes, such was my reaction.
contrary to popular belief, the french/parisiens are not snobby at all.
of course you get that rude person now and then, but that exists in every country.
in my 10 days (yes, in just 10 days) here i got to experience that joie de vivre that i have always read about. it is all very admirable.

au revoir literally translated is to see somebody or something again.
and paris, i will definitely see you again.

je t'aime.


megan and melissa said...

You are sooo lucky! I am looking forward to my own visit to Paris one day. Your vacation sounded divine. At least you have more visits to look forward to in the future. Have a good travel home!

hibou said...

Your writings about Paris have made me sentimental about a place I haven't even been to yet! Thanks for the opportunity for vicarious travel.

Cristy said...

Awwww.I adored your photos of Paris.I too know exactly how you felt.I felt the same way whilst I was in Paris last summer.The french people I thought were not at all what I pictured in my head.They were extremely helpful and nice.

AHH one day too I will be back ♥

Melissa said...


i discovered your blog and put it on mine.

so darling!