Monday, February 22, 2010


hello all.
i know, i've disappeared for a while.
i think i'm overblogged. it's been quite busy, and i am sorry and disappointed to say that i've failed my 365 challenge miserably. it's amazing how others can do it, but i just haven't had the time...i know inspiration is everywhere, but it's hard to find that between work and home. other factors include the weight and bulkiness of the camera, the lack of daylight (no excuse!...maybe lack of equipment? harhar), and i just haven't been "feeling" it.
so i will restart the 365 challenge, but maybe a little later when things aren't so crazy with work, school,and everything else.
will probably restart blogging more frequently too, but for now i am enjoying the break from the laptop.
will blog again soon.
have a good week!


Claudia said...

don't worry! a 365 challenge is very demanding and if you don't have fun doing it...well, there is no point. the first one that I did was a real 365 (every day, no excuse) but the second one I skipped a few days and I was ok with it because it is MY project and it is MY rule. so just make your own rule and have fun :)

Mon Petit Lapin said...

Hi Melisa, don't beat yourself up - as Claudia says the rules for your own project are for you to make. I always enjoy your posts and your photos and look forward to more, when your ready x

karyn said...

hi melissa,

just wanted to say 'hows it going?' and i hope you're well. it's a good idea to give yourself a break, if you need it. i hope you are recharging and having fun adventures!


Anna Patricia said...

Aw Melissa dear, you don't have to force it right? Then it won't be fun. Have a great weekend!