Tuesday, February 2, 2010

30/365: ink

an inkwell for a nice fountain pen, both from john, to encourage more handwritten letters. i haven't refilled the pen yet, but it writes so smoothly and i feel like a jane austen character...although i'm sure they used quills. or not. i don't know. i'm basing all this from the pride&prejudice movie. harhar.
ps: i like how the inkpot looks so old worldly and antique. the bottom says "paris". sigh. :)


Amanda {Mocking Bird} said...

It's gorgeous. There is something very romantic about writing with a fountain pen.
Lovely blog. :)

Leilani said...

Wow, how fancy, it looks like it should hold a perfume or liquor! I've been wanting to learn how to use a fountain pen, is it that much different from using a ballpoint?

Anna Patricia said...

Nice! Then you get to practice your calligraphy ;)