Wednesday, February 3, 2010

32/365: routine

this is what happens on a weeknight:
eat dinner or depending on the day, get home late after a dizzying ride on the go bus
hang out with the siblings, blog, chat or watch food network
eat a banana with nutella
prepare lunch for the next day
iron and hang up clothes for the next day
take a shower.
talk to john.
sleep at midnight. argh.

this is what happens every morning:
wake up at 5:55 am
hit the snooze button
wake up for real at 6:00 am
shower and wash my hair
dry my hair
straighten my hair
tease my hair
apply makeup
make sure everything is unplugged
go downstairs
leave at 7:00 AM

this is what happens when i get to downtown:
wake up
get off at union station
run to catch the streetcar
get off streetcar
walk into building
go up the elevators
use receptionist's magic button to open door
turn on computer
read emails
get bowl from kitchen
make coffee
take out box of cereal from drawer
measure out cereal into bowl
cut up bananas
eat and sip
read emails

this happens everyday. it's a little sickening. just a little.
if i can just take my time to do things that would be heavenly. when i go on solitary dates i have to literally tell myself to slow down, walk and look around.

good night all.


John M said...

it's 12.25am stop blogging and go to sleep Melissa.hehehe

Michelle said...

aw ): if it makes you feel any better, i haven't had any structure or rhythm to my life for a little over a year, and i'm kind of missing being organised!

i hope you get to sit back and chill soon.

anabela / fieldguided said...

I'm wearing that cardigan today!

Celine said...

I just noticed that you take two showers a day!
and that you eat a banana with nutella! yum!

I feel bad that you have to commute :( I used to have to do that, and it totally drained me.

look forward to weekends, that is what gets me through.

btw, where does john live that he has to fly so often?

melissa said...

john - :x
michelle - today's friday so 5:00 pm is something i always look forward to!
anabela - teehee, so was my co-worker!
celine - john used to live in north carolina! so he would visit four time a year at the most. he's here for a few more months and when he's done his certificate in fashion (at ryerson) he will move to new york. :(

Celine said...

oh my lord! what will you do?!?
are you going to move down there with him?

Leilani said...

Wow, I wish I had this much structure, my days vary so widely (ah the life of a graduate student). I need to be more disciplined and make my lunch the day before and keep cereal at school and/or work. Also, how do you survive on 6 hours of sleep?? Wish I could be productive on so little sleep.

Mon Petit Lapin said...

hehehe I like this post melissa x