Monday, February 1, 2010

grownup pizza party + new york, i love you

yesterday my best friend, her lovely bf, neil and john had a little grown up pizza party. hehe. we used whole wheat dough that you can buy from your local grocery's bakery (like loblaws). for toppings we had
* caramelized onions
* spinach
* grilled eggplant
* pesto
* tomato paste
* anchovies
* spicy salami
* mushrooms
* cheddar and mozzarella cheese

it was a lot of fun, coming up with different combinations. afterwards we had some dessert (will share with you in a different post!) and coffee and watched new york, i love you.
sigh, unfortunately i didn't really love it. there were only two stories that i like, one of the little girl and her "manny" and the one of the old couple on their anniversary. besides that, i felt that it didn't showcase the city so much and the stories just didn't blend so well. hm. but that's just me.


Samantha Clarke Photography said...

Interesting! I love your idea of a grownup pizza party. My bf and I loove making pizza!.. Yum!

Also, it's funny you mention NY, I'm studying New York right in one my classes. My prof made us watch Taxicab with DeNiro and a Grand Master Flash music video called The Message! Some interesting stuff, I love grad school. :-P

Michelle said...

mmm, so delicious. i love pizza.

and there's a 'new york, i love you'? how odd. i've seen 'paris, je t'aime' and loved it, so i'll definitely check this film out.

melissa said...

samantha - that's a very interesting class! we were actually going to make it a new york themed marathon (to follow with "manhattan" by woody allen) but we didn't have enough time.

michelle - i LOVED, LOVED paris, je t'aime. that was awesome. my boyfriend thinks i don't like the new york version because i used paris je t'aime as a reference point. he could be right. harhar.

Leilani said...

Yum, the pizza looks better than any I've had in any restaurant... it's also great that you were able to customize your own. Also, interesting that you paired the NYC movie with pizza, was that an intentional 'theme'? :)