Monday, February 1, 2010

29/365: mascarpone & nutella calzone

this was yesterday's dessert.
when i saw david rocco make this on food network i just had to do it too!
you may find the recipe here.

since i have a sweet tooth, i would probably change the ratio to 2:1 nutella & mascarpone.

this is the perfect combination ever. david rocco knew what he was doing for sure!

ps: mascarpone can be a little pricey. don't buy from loblaws. longo's has it cheaper. if you know of any other cheaper places to buy mascarpone, let me know!


snap + tumble said...

I've always wondered about mascarpone. It was such a mystery to me.

I'm a Jaime Oliver fan, but David Rocco and his Dolce Vita show also inspires.

melissa said...

tanya - it's the same thing they use in tiramisu. it's so heavenly.
oh yes, jaime oliver will always have a place in my heart. i loved him in naked chef!