Monday, February 1, 2010

28/365: nutella love + list #1: a list of things that used to excite me when i was a kid

happy monday! how was your weekend? i have been somewhat amiss with my blogging and meant to do this yesterday! i visited rebecca's blog and found a nice list of things that used to excite her when she was younger! i thought it would be a good idea to make a list too.

so without further ado, things that used to excite me when i was younger:

  • pool parties
  • walking down the toy aisles
  • fireworks on new year's eve
  • family parties
  • drinking pop (soda- we were only allowed to drink coke at parties!)
  • friday night line up of batman, x-men, are you afraid of the dark?
  • 10-hour family roadtrips
  • presents from my godfather who lived in germany and malaysia. the best one was a matryoshka doll (it saddens me that i no longer have it!)
  • writing and acting out skits in grade school
  • mr. squiggle, play school, sesame street
  • sappy mexican soap operas/telenovelas that we used to watch in secret: marimar, maria mercedes (the nannies let us watch them!)
  • barbie dolls
  • hello kitty stationary
  • stamps
  • stickers and sticker books (esp. felt, shiny, or scratch and smell, lisa frank stickers)
  • cross-stitching
  • buying dmc skeins and embroidery loops
  • starting a new pattern
  • home ec class (we started at a really young age - grade 2!)
  • blue kool aid
  • cheese stuffed hotdogs
  • breakfast at mcdonald's
  • sonic on sega
  • mario brothers and duck hunt on nintendo
  • school supply shopping
  • tea sets and kitchen toys
  • little tikes
  • tonkatsu and tempura
  • goosebumps, sweet valley and nancy drew books
  • jem
  • school socks trimmed with lace
  • french braids

what's yours? what used to excite you when you were younger?

my next list will probably be things that get me excited presently. nutella for sure will be one of them. especially when it's on sale. :)


Antoinette said...

I bought a container of Nutella for a friend who loves it but thinks it's too decadent. I have left it on our kitchen counter with instructions to everyone in the house that it's for a friend, not for us. And I want to see how long it takes for one of my family members to decide they don't care and open it anyway. LOL

Lauren said...

Oh I love your list. It brought me right back to being a kid. So many of your childhood loves were mine as well (pop, toy aisles, fireworks...GOOSEBUMPS!!)
I also loved my toys: popples, pogo balls, pound puppies, wuzzles and cabbage patch kids.
I am so lucky that many of my favorite childhood memories and traditions my parents still do for us today - easter egg hunts, new pajamas Christmas eve, letters from santa...

melissa said...

antoinette - you can always send me the unopened ones. ;) hehe. or you can make things with nutella, like that mascarpone and nutella stuffed pizza! it balances out the sweetness!

lauren - that sounds so lovely! i never believed in santa claus. i grew up in manila, philippines and we didn't have chimneys because it is a tropical country...but for some reason, i did believe in the TOOTHFAIRY. despite never having received any money from her!

Mon Petit Lapin said...

Hehe Melissa I completely forgot to reply but thanks for sharing and joining in with your childhood list, super sweet! I really think you would like that book because there are so many cute lists in there and you are definately one for list making! hmm maybe I will one day get around to sending it to you, All the best x