Monday, March 29, 2010


i saw cracks over the weekend. i think of it as a little princess (circa 1995) meets atonement. it's definitely not for everyone, but i loved it. and loved eva green and the costumes even more. i wish i lived in the 30s. or had more 30s-inspired clothes.

this movie reminded me of my jk- grade 5 years in an all-girls school, where i always had to play the male role because of my height, crushed on jonathan taylor thomas and devon sawa like crazy and collected lisa frank stickers and hello kitty stationary.


Antoinette said...

Hello, blogging buddy. I can't believe how long it's been since I came by. I think my blog reader has been holding some of your updates from me! I think Eva Green could make a paper bag look glamorous. That hussy.

melissa said...

i know. even in her crazy fits she was still so glamorous.
i'm trying to update more often.
nice to hear from you :)

Ella said...

i've wanted to see cracks forever! it's unfortunate that it isn't available in the u.s. :(