Friday, September 19, 2008

in search for the perfect fall shoes.

today i searched high and low on etsy for the perfect black pumps, heeled oxfords & heeled loafer type shoes.
the ones that i found were either:
* too pricey or
* well priced, but shipping is killer or
* not my size :(
the last one was always the case.

after work today i went to h&m and zara found that the shoes were either:
* too pricey
* too HIGH.

i'm not a very tall person, but if i were to wear these heels, i will definitely be towering over people. and when i tower over people, for some reason i feel like a guy. hmmm.

i also went looking for fabric.
queen street past spadina has lots of fabric stores. thimble has a nice post on where to shop for fabric in toronto. anyhoo, i went into one and was overwhelmed by all the fabric. the store was practically bursting at the seams (hardeehar). there was a particular linen one that i liked with simple circles outlined in black (it looked almost like it was by echino, which is by the way one of my favorites) but it was $20 per yard. ack.
i don't know why i was being so cheap today. everything was expensive to me, which was weird considering that today was payday.

i'll have to hit up the thrift store again to look for some shoes. the best heels are the ones from thrift stores anyway, since they're neither trendoid nor overpriced. and the heels are just right :)
my lymph nodes are quite swollen and it scared me when i felt the little lumps last night.
according to my sister's soon to be nurse boyfriend, it's a sign that i will be getting sick soon.

* i have another TRENDS meeting to for the kickoff event which will be next week. which means attendance is mandatory, lymph nodes and all.
the kickoff event should be exciting. i'm planning to buy little tags and twine for price tags.
* i will continue my fabric shopping at
1) fabricland. i want to buy some more knits. i made a dress off of wendy mullin's sew u home
stretch, and i have to say that it was so easy to do. i can see myself wearing it again and again. and it is for that reason that i should get cracking with more dresses.
2) the workroom! for more fat quarters

i cannot wait for:
* don giovanni
* my package of japanese fabric from matatabi to arrive
* john :)

so i finally finished off amy's birthday card. it needs improvement, but i was pleased that everyone liked it and didn't see the flaws as my mother did hehe. and i can't wait to start on making a few more as backup birthday cards. i'also planning to make gift tags with the same cupcake.

i stitched up the envelope flap. the white stitches give the envelope a classier look. hehe.

i sewed on a "postage stamp". hehe.

i also finally finished john's little turd guy.

he looks a bit cranky.
it's because he is pooped. muahaha.

there, there turd guy.

anyhoo, have a beautiful weekend! :)

now time to rest up these nodes.


Mon Petit Lapin said...

Love love love the turd guy, I'm gonna have to think up some witty sayings for when I make mine too :D hope you dont get too ill - lots of chilli, ginger and oranges!

Q's Daydream said...

Love the turd! Watch those nodes. Mine were really swollen and I found out I had mono. I don't think you have mono, but just try to get plenty of rest. Hope you feel better!


Lovely turd! heehee...I've never thought these 2 words can ever be in the same sentence!

melissa said...

he is a cute turd :)

rebecca, i'm working on one for my brother. i'll take pics soon but his is "scared !@#$-less".

q, i'm going to the doctor tomorrow. i've been feeling so tired and don't seem to have energy. even to make things! imagine that.

lenore, hello!
teehee i know what you mean. it's amazing how they've turned something so gross into a softie!

Samira said...

Love the turd guy..! Good luck for shoes search.