Sunday, September 7, 2008


i finally decided to go ahead and spend money on my room.
i kept putting it off until i got tired of cutting and tracing patterns on the carpet.
the cardmaking/sewing station of my room is now all set up.
all it needs is a homasote board and the shelving that will go above the table.

i finally, finally got my chandelier! i've been dying to get one, even in the old house, but just never got to buying it. i'm glad i waited because this is my favorite one, out of all the other chandeliers i've seen.

it's finally stopped raining.
this morning was so sad and gloomy.


karyn said...

that chandelier is amazing! and i want to see more photos of your crafting space, it's so organized.

melissa said...

sigh, karyn, it's only organized right now...later on it will be a sea of thread and snippets of fabric!
i need to find a way to store my fabrics, because the tower is growing everyday.
i'll post up more pictures once i get the homasote board (thanks to your tutorial! :D )

Q's Daydream said...

Hi Melissa! Your blog is beautiful! Thanks for the comment you left on mine. I'm so glad you found it! I bought that skirt at Urban Outfitters. Can't wait to check out your blog regularly.