Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i would like...(and other things)

* to live like this

from here

their pictures together always make me smile because they're oozing and radiating happiness and love for each other. le sigh. it makes me want to hug john.

* these cute vintage looking valises. perhaps for old letters.

from here

* a vintage fan, comme ceci

from here

it won't be living out its purpose in life though (i don't think i'd want it to anyway...its blades look really lethal). if i had one it would sit prettily on my shelf, with the rest of my non-operational things.

this "hobby" of acquiring things solely for aesthetic reasons is something i got from my mother. she once bought a huge, beautiful glass jar (with a wooden lid). in it were the most delicious looking biscotti. we weren't allowed to eat it. it sat for the longest time on our baker's rack. i wonder if, like wine, it improves with time. probably not. i guess this could be said for a lot of things too: bath oils (the ones that come in balls...those always fascinated me. not the balls but the bath oils, hardeehar) in decorative bowls that never hit the bathtub. jars of jelly in the pantry (too pretty and good to use). what else?

my room holds objects of obsoleteness:
* a typewriter sans ribbon (i tracked down a typewriter store in toronto but they have no ribbons specific to my typewriter)
* a teapot that i snagged from the neighborhood thrift store (this was more expensive than the pair of shoes that i bought with it!)
* holga and polaroid cameras (one has never been used, the other is broken. sigh. poor arthur)
* and the newest addition, a cake stand that my aunt purchased for me from a store in niagara on the lake.

i suppose it does serve a purpose, but not the right one. no cupcake, no cake has ever sat on it before. instead it houses my earrings, my favorite bracelet, and the pocket watch that john gave me for my birthday.

speaking of cupcakes, another cupcake that i made, for a birthday card that i'm making. don't mind the sucky embroidery. and the purple ink. it'll disappear. and the wrinkles. it will be ironed later on. you'll see :)

have a happy middle-of-the-week day :)


John M said...


Q's Daydream said...

Adorable suitcases! I have a fan like that as well and am too scared to turn it on...haha! BTW, my dress and shoes are both from Urban Outfitters. I wish I owned something from Wikstenmade. Her clothing is so beautiful!

Mon Petit Lapin said...

Hi melissa, thanks for your comment on my blog - lovely to meet you and your blog, I am really enjoying reading your posts and have left random comments everywhere! I especially like browsing your sewing posts, your things look great! It was fantastic being able to live in Paris, I absolutely loved it but it's probably a lot easier for me than you to get there as I just hop over on the eurotunnel. I speak really poor French (English schools are rubbish for learning languages!), I think you would do a lot better having studied it. I do hope you get to visit, do you have any plans? I love french films too, Im a big fan of Juliette Binoche and Audrey Tatou :D

Mon Petit Lapin said...

P.s. You should so put your Holga to use! I'm always taking photos with mine but cant afford to have them developed so theyre all sitting in the fridge undeveloped until I can get into a darkroom!

karyn said...

that cakestand is amazing! i've been wanting one so badly, but haven't found the right one. i hope i find one that's just like yours one day.

melissa said...

john, muchos besos, as always.

q, i have to find a fan just like it...i've been looking for one on etsy. hehe. i have to go back to UO one of these days. you always have the most adorable things.

rebecca, i read the instructions and got so discouraged. haha. i'm not a manual reader :S when my boyfriend comes, hopefully he'll teach me how to use it. there's this blog that i read and this guy has a picture of all his film in his fridge. it's crazy, but cool at the same time. oooohhh and get a darkroom! that's awesome! have you ever seen vicky cristina barcelona?

karyn hi! :) check out those shabby chic stores! i'm sure you know about this one already, but there's one called chatelet on queen street and i think i saw some cake stands there before!