Saturday, September 27, 2008

TRENDS kickoff event

...weeks of collecting and sorting through clothes, weeks of planning and anticipation, of meetings and emails back and forth
...a night of washing and ironing clothes
...two hours of setting up everything in hawthorn's atrium...

..."the everything under $10" event is finally done.
it was lots of work, but lots of fun and this is something we would definitely do again.
we also raised quite a bit of money. it had exceeded my expectations and am very happy with the outcome! :)

we tried to set up the atrium to look like a little shop. we had signs for the change room. my good friend pam volunteered to be change room girl (thanks pam!)

i have to say that i spent $29 :D . i bought some of my friend natalie's stuff (i couldn't believe she was getting rid of them!). some of my awesome buys are: leather gap belt (which can get really pricey). 4 cardigans. a poncho sweater thing.

i'm relieved that it was a success, but hopefully more girls will show up for october's event. i can't wait to plan it. it'll most likely involve a powerpoint presentation. but for now, a little rest. i didn't sleep until 2 in the morning and am running really low on energy. i have never ironed so many shirts and stamped so many shipping tags in my life! my room felt like a little factory.

shirts to be given away. still in good condition, it's just that my taste in clothes have changed. hehe.

price tags. i thought they were a cute touch! maybe i'll get a stamp made just for trends by someone from etsy!

we set up some outfits on the table. this is the belt that i'm talking about. :)

lollipops for the girls to take.

sign up sheet.

it's still a work in progress but you can see more pictures (and learn more about TRENDS) here.

anyhoo, i'm off to clean up my room. then the weekly tradition of watching a movie with the fam. :)

i hope everyone's having a great weekend! it's a bit rainy here, but that's fine. it' nice and cozy to sleep to.


John M said...

wow!!! i love the tags!

brown belt with gold buckle. . mmmm

Mon Petit Lapin said...

I love those luggage tag price tags, something so satisfying about them, very cute!

megan and melissa said...

the event looks so fun! wish i could have gone! happy weekend!

a cat of impossible colour said...

That looks like so much fun! And I love your price tags.

melissa said...

thanks everyone!
it was a lot of fun. i felt like i was playing shop.
& i love shipping tags. i have boxes of three different sizes.
i hope everyone's having a great weekend!

ps: john, you can borrow the belt. just as long as you return it. hardeehar. *bises*

Frances Baker said...

Hi Melissa, thanks so much for your comments on my blog!
I hadn't discovered moonshine and piffle before, but now I have I really love it! The event looks like great fun, and I really love your tag design.