Saturday, September 6, 2008

FAQs and other things.

it's raining today...which is nice. it makes me want to listen to some norah jones. or linda ronstadt.

what i thought were severe allergies is now in actuality a cold.
any wise person would drink some kind of herbal or medicinal tea.
i still stick to my overly creamed, overly sweetened coffee.


-an slr
-vintage boots for fall
-a warm scarf
-the cardigan


school started a few days ago. i am so relieved that i am done with it all, although it does suck that i have lost my security blanket that is school. i am now subjected to a barrage of these frequently asked questions:
Q: "what do you have planned now?"
A:" oh I'm just working, trying to save up for France. And you know, just taking a break. "

Q:"what happened to teacher's college?"
A: "I realized it's not something that I want to do for the rest of my life"
(not that there is anything wrong with teaching. i completely admire's just that to me, you have to be really passionate about teaching to get into teaching. it's not just another job. i think teachers play a motherly/fatherly role as well)

Q: "okay, so after France, what are you going to do?"
A: "let's not get that far"
augh. i haven't even gone to france yet.

it would be simpler if i just replied:
a) I'm doing my masters. (which I'm not. and which will probably lead to another question, "what are you going to do with that?")
b) I have no idea with what to do with my life.

the latter is the fitting choice here, but of course it's not something that i would like to own up to these grownups. in some weird way i come out of the conversation feeling that i've somehow disappointed them.


today i have a meeting for TRENDS. our kickoff event for the school year is "the everything under $10 event", where we will be selling pre-owned and pre-loved clothing, accessories, shoes. it's quite exciting really. except i don't really want to go because i am feeling really sick. my head feels fuzzy.


i'm going to get my ikea table today, hopefully, crossing fingers.
my dad, brother and i went last night and unfortunately the table top that i want is not in stock. ARGH.
they said they'll be restocking and reloading today.

a bit of crafting:

naked moleskines.

a very poor attempt to clothe it (scrapbooking paper, fabric from an old american eagle skirt)

an unfinished, experimental cupcake. i want a real one. with butter icing. pink butter icing.

it's 10:39 am and i don't want to move.


John M said...

what inspires you when you take a picture? what do you look for?

btw i'm holding your patterns for ransom

Giscelle said...

I so get you -- I feel I've disappointed people by changing my mind about law school too. But if I'm going to subject myself to four years more of study, I should really love it too. And I don't.

But we'll figure out what we want to do! Maybe we'll just fall into it. :p

melissa said...

johnny - as hackneyed as this sounds, but i get inspired by the simplicity and domesticity of things...i hope that satisfies your curiosity :D

and noooooooo. i demand you hand them over.
unless you want to start making girly clothes for yourself. :D
love you love you

giscelle - i hope we both figure out what we want to do veeerrryyy soon.
and speaking of soon, we also have to get together soon!