Tuesday, June 3, 2008

a night at home.

i decided to stay home tonight. i've been so tired! but it's the good kind though...i've been going from lesson to the next and volunteering from one event to the next that it's nice to be at home and just do whatever and eat dinner from the kitchen. hehe.
yesterday my sister and i went thrifting. for $32 and a few cents i was able to score:
- two pairs of heels
- a gray skirt which is now at the cleaners being altered
- a vest for the winter
- two record albums, one of henry mancini and another which has honeymoon in paris on it
- the most darling teapot in a light coral
i've decided that i will hang those two albums and showcase some of my polaroids...in my new room.
AUGH. we bought a house! i am so excited! it has the awesomest kitchen ever! :) i am soooo excited!
so i am trying to sew up softies...they're cute little homemade stuffed toys. but first, meet suzy. my first doll. i took the simple doll course at the workoom. last sunday. i still have to fix her face. i want to either embroider her features or sew on buttons. i can't draw for crap.

i'm indulging myself in hobbies right now: piano, cardmaking, sewing, cooking, etc...doing things that i never had the time to do while i was still in school.
this thursday i will be taking a workshop on designer cookies with raiya at the bonnie gordon school of cakes. if you've seen the perfect man with hilary duff, the cakes that are showcased in that movie are by bonnie gordon herself. again, i am so excited! :)
so this is one of my current projects...i have yet to name him or her, but it's a little softie dog:

what the heck is that, you ask. it's a quickutz squeeze. you stick in a die and your paper of choice and it cuts out letters or shapes for you and even embosses paper.

a stack of fat quarters (1/4 yard of fabric). this collection is going to grow soon. johnny, this is for you.
embellishments. which i will have more of once i get my long awaited package from
two peas in a bucket
cutting tools.

and that is all for now. i'm hoping hoping hoping that i will get my sewing machine soon.


Anonymous said...

jona says:

i go to some of the same stores you do to buy clothes but we have waaaay different styles. i don't like skinny jeans at all and was so happy that wide-legged bell bottom-y type pants were coming back.
i like to wear indie girl/tomboyish type clothes though many have called me a doll before (dressing like one, that is)
also...i can't tell you enough how addicting scrapbooking is. i don't scrapbook but i buy lots of supplies for my other paper projects. if you haven't done so already, check out dollarama and michael's (my two faves for arts supplies)

smelly melly said...

jonaaa hi! :)
shopping for scrapbook supplies is addictive! i don't scrapbook either...i use them to make cards. i've spent so much at deserres and scrapbooks by design.
you should also check out walmart. they have a small but pretty good collection of stuff (considering that it is wal-mart). i also go to a buck or two for embellishments and rub-ons (teehee, a word which makes me snicker every time i say it or think it. it sounds dirty don't you think? or am i just dirty? meh)i'll be sure to check out michael's! thanks :)