Monday, June 30, 2008

le weekend.

hello hello
un petit update

* i graduated. booyah. but i didn't think it was this scary. unless a) you're doing masters/doctorate/teacher's college in the fall or b) you've made the conscious decision to not do anything with your degree...being done school may leave you a bit vulnerable to adults...because like any typical 30+ man or woman, the question that they follow your little "i just graduated" announcement is always: "what are you planning to do now?" and you can tell when they're not satisfied with your reply. i hate it because i don't really know what i want to do...with my undergrad degree that is. i wanted to get into teaching but changed my mind last year. it wouldn't be fair to my teaching charges if their teacher just used teaching as a resort.
* went to the ballet avec alice who i haven't seen since our last gno. it was a lot of fun. like totally immature prepubescent guys
* went to a wedding reception, my first one in years. this one was a chinese one so it had a 10 course meal...of which i only ate 5? i didn't eat the fish, the lobster and of course the vegetables. i ate jellyfish though thinking it was noodles. haha.
* totally had a sex and the city moment avec Brandon (who is not straight by the way), by taking the cab around downtown as if it was manhattan. haha.
* john finally bought his ticket for his every-3-months visit. hehe.

i am happy to say that i got what i wanted ever since i saw it online:

john surprised me with it as an early birthday present.
i went to scrapbooks by design during lunch time with my co-workers to pick up this huge thing.
when i got there, the following conversation happened between Patrick (the owner) and i:

patrick: do you know a guy named john?
me: (stupidly) uhh no...
patrick: really? (points at embellishment center) because your embellishment center has been prepaid by john.
me: oh yeah!!! JOHN? really? yes i know a guy named john!

how sad is that. it just seemed random that's all for Patrick to know John without ever meeting him.
but yes, that's what happened. john bought me the embellishment center! merci buckets babe. je t'm :) auuugghhh awesome. no more makeshift shelves on the table. so here it is in the flesh:

this was also a crafty weekend. went to the workroom for the tote class. i love karyn! she's so awesome.
today i made a journal cover (again) for john. this time i added a pocket and a pen holder:
and that is all.


Celle said...

Your room's just too artsy and prettyyy...I love the mood. I want to do something about my room, but it's such a mess and I don't have the money to refurnish. :( Eventually...Then you can help me do it!

jools said...

geez louise mel, you're funny. pen holders! hahaha. briliant! lols

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for the moleskine skin!
i can't wait to get crafty with you.