Friday, June 13, 2008

how to stay cool & fresh looking in the summer...

...because there's just nothing worse than being a regular ball of oil and dirt and sweat:

* the obvious one is, wear appropriate clothing and footwear. i still see girls wearing leather boots and uggs around downtown. it's not even a question of fashion anymore. it's highly impractical and you can't possibly be freezing in 28-degree weather. i think it's just really silly to wear them when everyone else around you is wearing open-toed shoes or sandals. that must be indicative for something.

at the same time, you don't have to look slutty to stay cool.

spaghetti strap tops with the straps showing?
not very appealing...especially if the straps are discolored from sweat and dirt.

* carry blotting paper around with you. nothing is more satisfying than seeing that little sheet of paper turn translucent. haha.

* keep baby powder with you. use it for your back, your neck, your feet, your hands when they're sweaty.
if you have bangs and get nastified at the sight of their oiliness, run your fingers through them with some powder...don't worry, it won't turn white. the powder sucks up the oil (this is proven hehe)

* carry around wipes. sometimes after getting off the train (especially if you're coming from downtown), your hands can feel really dirty with the same mixture that you would find on a dirty bra strap. wipes are really useful to get rid of that feeling.

*shave, wax (or whatever you prefer) those underarms. according to my waxer, underarm hair makes you sweaty and is the number one cause of b.o (number two cause: wearing unfresh shirts)

* don't forget to wear deodorant and anti-perspirant.there are times when you get too sweaty and you feel like it's no longer working...nothing makes it worse than reapplying deodorant. what you'll get are layers just like a strawberry parfait: old deodorant, sweat, new deodorant. :S use wipes or kleenex just to get rid of the grime and then reapply.

and voila.

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