Monday, June 16, 2008

covering some skin

today's project is a journal cover, instructions from kirin notebook.
i used my sister's moleskin for practice.
a little disappointing though because it was too big, once again, just like my throw pillow cover. i had to do running stitches around the edge, which was not part of the original instructions.
but anyway, here it is.

we didn't end up watching satc on friday night (which we will try to see this friday once more) we got to town center too late, but that's okay. the four of us went crazy at congee queen. afterwards we went to this awesome chinese dessert place where i got red bean freeze in coconut milk with ice cream on top. yum-o.
a few hours later i woke up at 4 am to go to rochester with the family.
sunday was booked with appointments for people to see the house so we had to be out most of the time. i took my younger siblings out to see prince caspian. i didn't like the ending too much, but man, prince caspian was pretty hot. i read all the narnia books when i was young but i don't remember a thing.
saturday is convocation day and i cannot wait!!! :)


Anonymous said...

dearest melissa

i love your blog but not as much as i love you.

keep posting i can't wait for your next one

-john m

Celle said...

Where do you buy your fabric?

Celle said...

Oh, that was Giscelle (moi) btw. LOL. I was logged into a different account when I answered. LOL

smelly melly said...

hi giscelle!
i buy my fabric from where i take my sewing lessons, the workroom.
i also get them from random fabric stores on queen street west and fabricland :)