Tuesday, June 10, 2008

i've been anti-social lately. hence the crafting.
here is an attempt at making a more girly card. jolie is pretty for french. i thought it would make a good card for a baby shower. it needs tweaking.
all the stitches are done by hand...but i won't have to do it anymore because...
i finally got a sewing machine! some people ask for cars or money or whatnot as a graduation present...i asked for a sewing machine. hehe. i've been dying to get one.

defective dresses. hehe.

another girly card. it definitely needs more work. the stitches are all hand sewn once again.
word of advice: never try to squeeze out glue when there's dried glue keeping it from flowing. because it will explode all over the place. i'm an idiot. i should have figured that out before i did what i did. but then you learn from your mistakes. as stupid as they are.
(i got some on my mouth and eyes. and i found glue in the oddest places in my room)

so my package from two peas in a bucket finally arrived!

so excited to use them!
and lastly, tonight i decided to make another throw pillow.
my homemade throw pillow, with emo-looking blythe. haha.

and that is all for now. my brother and i biked to fabricland today and splurged on fabric (durs) and felt. he wants me to make him a softie green tea bag. hehe. i'll post pictures up once it's done.


Anonymous said...

Love the pic's!!!!!!!!
Love the cards!!!
Love the pillow!!!

angela said...

this makes you seem more like the creepy girls who run around outside doing photo shoots with their doll. both wearing matching homemade striped knee socks and berets, natch.

angela said...

god, my grammar is off. how do i delete it? haha.