Wednesday, June 4, 2008

another survey, from angela.

i skimp when buying:
i only buy underwear on sale at la senza, those 5 for $25 ones.
i splurge when buying:
* things for my face. i always have to have a supply of cleanser, moisturizer, toner and renewal from clinique.
* blouses of the same style but in different colors. i'm notorious for being a bulk buyer. but oh well.
* items on sale, especially at urban outfitters
* i splurge on sunglasses. i own more than 10.
* anything from urban outfitters and lately, scrapbooking websites and stores
i always break this fashion rule:
uh i don't know. ask my sister.
i never break this fashion rule:
as my sister says: i never wear sweats in public.
and i don't wear running shoes out of the house unless i'm going running. that's why they're called running shoes.
must have item for spring 2008:
a pair of glads. although i have a pair at home, another one in a camel color and in black wouldn't hurt.
augh i still want wide legged pants. but i haven't found one that looks good on me.
favourite store:
french connection, club monaco, the gap, old navy, urban outfitters, h&m, mango, yes angela, mango, obscure chinese & korean stores, thrift shops, kensington market, garage sales. haha.
style icon:
audrey hepburn of course & jackie o. when feeling feminine, this random parisienne girl that i stalk, dianne keaton in her younger years, and yes, angela, believe it or not, kirsten dunst when i feel like dressing down
most cherished item:
hm. i don't know. i cherish all my things.
favorite item of clothing:
i like my clothes...but my most favorite ones would be my gap skirt which i got altered to make it high waisted, my gold trimmed french connection top, my tiered top from h&m, my metallic flats. these flats are simple. in fact they didn't even make it to karyn's hall of shoes :( (note to self, wear funky shoes when going a-sewing) but i can wear them with anything.
favorite stylish movie:
breakfast at tiffany's & annie hall
guilty pleasure:
random blogs, hilary duff songs
describe your personal style:
gak. i dress too much on the safe side.
i feel best wearing:
lacey, silky, sheer (in a classy kind of way) feminine tops, blouses, dresses in a creamy color partnered with skinny jeans (cigs, to be more specific. i like them tighter at the ankle) and gold flats or sandals.
style quirk:
skinny belts
most overrated item:
augh i don't know. maybe not overrated but item that i really hate: leggings trimmed with lace. those are emeffing ugly. cheap graphic tees from ae, a&f or hollister? haha.
most underrated item:
clean, crisp white t-shirts.
most stylish city:
paris & tokyo
never caught wearing:
sweats & running shoes (unless i'm working out), hoop earrings, apple bottom jeans haha, shirts with big logos of californian brands on my non-existent chest, golf shirts, skanky clothing, clubbing clothes, shirts with ruching, pedal pushers, cargos
when i was in high school i wore:
all things american eagle and blue notes. haha.
do you shine your own shoes?
no because my shoes are the type that don't require shining
favorite fashion magazine:
vogue, lulu, flare, elle and teen vogue. but i prefer blogs of real people. they're easier to emulate. teehee.
favorite other magazine:
martha stewart hehe.
cologne, skincare, perfume:
everything clinique. i use clinique three-step with renewal and everything about eyes cream. i can only wear clinique happy. anything else makes me dizzy.
i always dress my best for:
i always like looking my best.

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