Wednesday, June 11, 2008

doing sew many things.


nehoo...i'm going to be taking 5 classes at the workroom and cannot wait. i'll be learning how to
make a tote
make an a-line skirt
sew up zippered pouches
transform men's dress shirts into a more feminine shirt
and make a pattern of a favorite shirt and try making one just like it (the class is called knock it off)
tomorrow raiya and i finally get to decorate the cookies we baked last week!
(i met bonnie gordon...she's not the friendliest person in the world, i'll have to admit)
and vendredi, sex and the city avec les trois. yes, it wasn't given a good rating, the hype is gone, but who cares.
last movie i saw in the theater was omg...across the universe with john. and that was last october! yikes. and it was the most boring movie in the whole world. it's something that you have to watch all drugged up. like alice in wonderland.
i've been commissioned to make a birthday card. hopefully it turns out well. i'm being paid with cookies. hehe.

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