Wednesday, July 29, 2009

please shine down on me.

oh beach weather, where are you?

some wishes:
a gocco printer
yamaha p-85
an ice cream maker
a serger
a nice bowl of warm buttery popcorn
to be curled up in bed
mashed potatoes (i haven't had them in so long!)
to feel inspired again.

work is sucking the energy out of me. but i am thankful i have a job, especially in these times. it's just lately, especially with the gloomy weather, i've been feeling gray. uncreative. it's harder to get up in the morning. i fall asleep while drying my hair. i've been drinking three cups of coffee a day (that cannot be healthy). i can't seem to focus. i zonk out on the train and always almost miss my stop. all this with enough sleep.

and i've been thinking about teaching again.


Antoinette said...

After a few days without sun, I get super-tired, too, even with lots of sleep. Sorry. :( I had the chance to get a print gocco recently and passed on it. Not sure I want to invest so many clams in a machine whose replacements parts will also cost an arm and a leg because there will be so few.... Checking out the Yudu....

john said...

yet again another awesome picture!!!
maybe in a couple of weeks a gocco printer will appear on your doorstep. ;)

Jennifer said...

I feel like I just read something straight out of my journal. I've been "napping" like crazy as of late. Although I don't think sleeping for 6 hours after work counts as just nap *shrug*

Anonymous said...

mmm...gocco printer is on my wish list too!

Claire said...

I hope you've been blessed with sunshine, sleep, relaxation & creative energy =) Take care!