Wednesday, July 8, 2009

my blog is fixed!

hello all!
i'm not sure if you noticed, but my blog was being redirected to some other ghastly website (searchacross/blogholic). i definitely missed blogging and i was afraid i had to start from scratch again (coming up with a new blog name was definitely a brainteaser).
but anyway, it's back and i'm back! if you're coming across the same problem, email/comment i will be able to direct you to the different forums i had to visit.

i've had a great few days. john was here. with his slr camera (jealous!). and was able to take some fantastic pics of downtown t.o. this is one of my favorites.

remember to live slow.
miss you already, bub.


Antoinette said...

Girrrrrl.... I mentioned your missing-ness in my last blog post, but without knowing your last name and not being able to access your blog, I had a hard time trying to send you an email about it! Glad you're back.

copperseal said...

glad to see you're back! and i totally agree with you about blog names - so hard to come up with!

John M said...

i'm so happy you got your blog back!!
i miss you!

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

That must have been scary...I can't imagine having to redo my blog!!! Im so glad your blog got fixed tho. it's such a lovely one, and would have been a shame if it disappeared!

Have a lovely weekend..

Celine said...

what happened to your blog?!?! and how did you fix it? now I am scared it could happen to my blog, or anyone's blog!

Glad you are back though! I hope it never happens again.

Great photo!!! I always admire street photos, because I am never quick enough to snap them.