Sunday, July 19, 2009

cleaning makes me cry.

i prefer cleaning my bathroom to cleaning my bedroom.
it's not because it's dirty, but it's because of all the clutter that has managed to accumulate over the one year we've spent in this house.
i am overwhelmed. so much so i had to google "how to clean bedroom without feeling overwhelmed".

this is what i found.

1. make a plan for cleaning room.
  • clean out fabric-strewn cupboard and fold up fabric one by one neatly and arrange by type and color
  • organize scrapbook materials
  • empty out basket of fabric scraps (i don't know what to do with them. i keep telling myself that i'm going to do something with them, but i never do. should i just throw them away?)
  • sort through books and get rid of the ones i don't want in my room
  • tidy up shelves
  • get rid of messes under the bed
  • this is the worst: empty out desk drawers and sort through papers (i hate doing this because i'm afraid i might throw out something i'll regret!)
  • dust surfaces and window blinds
2. prioritize and break the plan up into different sections
my sewing area, my desk drawers and my fabric storage are the messiest areas in my room. i'll work on that first.

i'm skipping step 3.

3. turn on some upbeat music. avoid distractions like tv and visitors.
darn. i was going to watch the 2nd episode of trueblood. i guess that can wait for later.
will pump up some elton john. HA. jk.

4. set a timer for 20 minutes.
good idea.

i'm skipping step 5 & 6.

step 7 should be STOP BLOGGING.


well, off i go. i hope everyone is spending their lovely sundays outdoors. and not indoors cleaning. waaah.


Antoinette said...

Pretty pictures... There are lots of things to do with fabric scraps -- Outsapop just blogged a braiding idea today that looked cool. What I want to know is: What in the world are you going to do with all those hearts???

John M said...

nice pictures melly. wait, why is it taking you more than 5 hours to clean your room?hahaha

oh, hello friend. said...

lol, i LOVE this post, sitting here reading it at 1:30 am.

1. because you are just too funny.

2. because i would so do something like that too - google how to clean my room.

3. because my room is in a current state of madness, and i have just put off cleaning it because it is quite overwhelming.

i am going to probably use your tips ;) thanks friend.