Monday, July 27, 2009

happy birthday to moi :)

i turned 24 yesterday. my weekend was full of flowers, yummy cakes, italian food, hugs & kisses and harry potter.

because i like making lists, here is a list of things i've learned and am still learning in my 24 years here on earth. my birthday always feels like new year's.
- pin where you want to cut
- never put people on the spot, even as a joke.
- things never go according to plan
- smile and forgive: even when it hurts
- you don't always have to speak.
- people just change. period. no need to analyze.
- we complicate our simple lives with complicated thoughts.
- love is not a feeling.
- don't be so quick to react.
- do not respond to emails in anger. type it out then delete. never hit send. you will regret it afterwards.
- use energy wisely. do not over think things.
- when in love: crazy heart, clear head
- it's okay to go against the grain.
- always say hello and good bye and i'm sorry.
- jealousy ruins friendships.
- it's okay to make mistakes. it's how quickly you learn from them (and how quickly you fix them!) that counts.
- a lot of things in life require practice. like patience, bias binding & piano.
- live a life you'd be proud of.

have a great week everyone. and to those with birthdays, happy birthday :)


John M said...

happy birthday melly! i like the last one on the list the most.

Sara said...

Happy birthday! I am sure you have had a great birthday :D

Celine said...

happy birthday melissa! what a great list! I feel so immature after reading it, because I have not realized half those things in my lifetime! You will lead a life many will be proud of! OMG! being 24 is great!

anabela / fieldguided said...

Happiest of birthdays to you, darling Melissa! xo

leslie said...

a belated happy b-day to you.
i love your list. and might have to tackle one myself. inspiring.

Mon Petit Lapin said...

Happy Birthday my dear :D

Sara said...

You should try that recipe, it's amazing!
And, I follow your blog on google reader..I thought you should know :)