Monday, August 17, 2009


hello mes amis!
i just wanted to share the following with you :)

this is so frameable! it makes me swoon. i remember watching this in french class and wanting to have hair like hers.

this is actually a little flyer for the cinematheque ontario.
it's unfortunate that i just found out about this month-long french goodness...there's still time though, for you francophiles out there! :) they will be playing movies until the 22nd of august. don't you just aime toronto?

package of lovely goodness from johnny:
bobby pins because i always lose them, a moleskine for meetings, and altoids not for my breath, but for my tin collection (hardeeharhar)

a statue of liberty stamp from muji, from when he went to new york in may

and just in case you're planning to make smashed potatoes, this is the best way to smash 'em:

avec une verre!

and that is all dearies. i 've been quite busy, but i like it that way. i just wish i had more sleep.
all is right with the world. the sun is shining and johhny is coming. woohoo!
have a great week. :)


Antoinette said...

The skyline stamp is especially wonderful!

Q's Daydream said...

Oh no!!!! Pics of jean seberg make me want to chop allll my hair off!!! and I've gotten sooo far ;o)

john said...

hahaha! i like the mashed potatoes. it would look nice as my desktop background.