Wednesday, July 15, 2009

blue & red party

how is everyone?
this weekend i threw my little sister a birthday party.
so much fun.

sorry for the pic, it was really cloudy that day. my little sister helped me out with the bunting and painted on the letters. i used bias binding to string the triangles together.

i labelled their cups so that my sister could do the seating arrangement (harhar, imagine that) and so that they can re-use them.

i decided to make it a pizza party at the last minute.
which meant sewing 9 aprons at the last minute. their aprons were part of the party favors and they looked adorable in them.

that's my little sister in the middle, with the cute bow.

the basement was a makeshift movie theatre.

i turned the basement kitchen into a concession stand. i placed cotton candy into individual bags, popped some microwave popcorn and transferred them into those cute red and white popcorn bags.
party favors. the boys got the blue (this cool yoyo+disposable camera), girls got red (pretty notebook+disposable camera). i also cut out thank you cards from heavy cardstock and used clothespins to attach it to the bags.
and that is all. she's turning 13 in a few years. hopefully she'll still let me throw parties.


jewlz said...

oh well you're an awesome sister. lovely stuff and i can't believe gilly is almost in her teens.. *gasp*

John M said...

great job on the party melly! looking at those pictures makes me want to be a kid again.

Celine said...

Pizza Party!! I love that everyone got to make their own pizza!! And I love that you made a concession stand! That is so clever! I can't believe you sewed everyone aprons! You're amazing! I wish I had a big sister like you!

megan and melissa said...

So cute! I love all the details of the party, especially the name tags. The school writing is sooo cute! Thanks for sharing. Have a good weekend!

rosalyn said...

omgoodness, what a wicked party! everything is so thought out. your sister is very lucky! whoohoo pizzaaa!

Karla Alejandra said...

Very creative! Love the pictures and the ideas you had for the party :)

Mon Petit Lapin said...

Wow go you, the party bags look awesome and I cant believe you sewed all those aprons wow your a great sis!

Melissa said...

lovely! makes me wish my childhood was full of parties!

I am a.... said...

I love the pizza party idea!! Its so cute, your sister must've had such a great birthday :)