Tuesday, January 6, 2009

resolutions or bucket list: a list of things i should do before the end of 2009 or before i kick the bucket. whichever comes first.

that is by far, the longest title i've ever had

* write more letters to john
* sleep earlier, as in, be asleep by 11 pm
* drink more water
* make a quilt
* take less taxi cabs
* spend less, save more
* practice piano an hour each day
* go to france in may 2009. this is an absolute must. (anyone want to join me?)
* cook something off of Nigella's/Jaime's/Ina's cookbooks
* make something from the zakka book
* sew a top or dress that is not obviously homemade
* order something different from the menu
* go clubbing. just once.
* be a better, more generous friend, daughter, sister and girlfriend
* read wuthering heights.
* finish reading the books i have started reading ages ago: 1984, life is illuminated, the alchemist, le petit prince
* write in my journal in a real parisien cafe a la sabrina (julia ormond)
* drink coffee in a real parisien cafe
* smile and laugh more
* go to church more than once a week
* learn japanese/german
* go to germany and japan
* learn how to play yiruma's "river flows in you"
* make a speech in front of people without feeling so nervous
* take a public speaking course
* explore Canada more
* thanksgiving (US) in new york and watch macy's thanksgiving parade
* new year's eve in times square

sigh. i have paris in my mind right now. there are nights when i can't sleep because i just think about it and dream up a dozen itineraries. i want to go so badly. i really hope that everything works out.


Antoinette said...

Hi, been lurking for a couple of months. Love your blog's clean look and the paper crafts you've been up to recently. Nigella's How to Be a Domestic Goddess has two recipes I have loved: the Almond Cake and the Chocolate Hazelnut Torte. When I wanted to sew handmade-but-not-homemade clothes I took a sewing class (and then another and then another) and now anytime something fits me really well, I am asked whether I made it. Very cool. Lastly and then I will go, as a corporate trainer by profession, I can guarantee that public speaking is easier every time you do it, and the more often you do it, the faster you get comfortable with it. The butterflies may never go away but you can get pretty comfortable. Good luck. Done! :)

jewlz said...

mel, just go for it... no ifs, buts, or anything else. dream it, then go live it. :)

happy new year!

John M said...

i'm sure you'll make it to Paris this year. everything will work out.

Audrey said...

I like your blog! Happy 2009!

audrey anne

Mon Petit Lapin said...

Melissa, we have such similar aims! Especially the Paris bit, that was how I used to dream about Paris before I was lucky enough to live there for a bit, I really hope you go and I will tell you so many lovely places I found :) I loved the whole sitting in cafe's drinking coffee and pretending to write a philosophical masterpiece (i did that a lot teehee!). Also wuthering heights - love it but better still is Tess of the D'ubervilles...le petit prince is a book I have bought everyone of my friends.....and on my list is to get to Church at least once of week! Best of luck!xx

Q's Daydream said...

UMMM, I want to go to Paris with you!!!! PLEASE!!!! lol! :O)

megan and melissa said...

I love making new resolutions, but I have yet to finalize my own list. However, Paris would be a definite must-- I would love to make it there. Good luck on your own goals! We'll have to see if we can make our own lists happen!

Anonymous said...

yay, france!!
i am SO proud of you :)
you go girl!


mansuetude said...

yes, and read Wuthering Heights.. ...it haunts.

Claudia said...

If you want to explore Montreal just let me know!